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Daniel Shin’s PortOne Global Highlights Top Payment Companies in Asia

The tech world is constantly changing and evolving, bringing new solutions to new and old problems. Asia has emerged as a thriving hub for financial technology and the innovation development of that sector. Tech-forward companies are emerging even more to make their name in the market.

One of the leading payment processing companies in the region is PortOne Global, a tech and payment orchestration company founded by entrepreneur Daniel Shin. One of the newest and freshest names in the industry, Shin and PortOne Global, make a crowded list of excellent processing companies.

Let’s look at a few of the top tech companies operating payment processing in Asia.

AliPay – China’s Tech Giant

Starting the list off right is AliPay, the most extensive payment application in China. With more than 1 billion consumers in China alone, AliPay has one of the largest bases of users on the planet. AliPay is used not just for shopping and e-commerce but also for assisting tourists in connecting Mastercard and Visa accounts for public transport.

Razer Merchant Services – Leading Merchant Provider

Southeast Asia is a hotbed for tech innovation, and Razer Merchant Services is taking advantage of its opportunities. Razer Merchant Services offers an extensive collection of alternative payment options through a single API that empowers brands to connect with consumers throughout the region.

Razer Merchant Services operates out of Southeast Asia and has won several awards since its founding, including Best Non-Bank Financial Process Exchange Acquirer by PayNet MEAA Awards in 2022.

PortOne Global – Founded by Daniel Shin

PortOne Global is considered a trustworthy payment orchestration provider. With more than 100 payment methods available through its homebrewed API, PortOne Global has become a popular alternative to some more widely known processing giants.

Daniel Shin founded PortOne Global in 2018 in Singapore, where he wanted to address the fragmented landscape of Asia’s payment processing systems.

Red Dot Payment – Efficiency in Asia

Offering various online payment solutions, Red Dot Payment aims to make life easier and more convenient for merchants throughout Asia. In Singapore, Red Dot Payment has offices throughout Asia, including in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and China.

Red Dot Payment was founded in 2011 and has since grown to offer several e-commerce and payment products, including RDP InstanCollect and RDP InstanPay.

GrabPay – Cashless Payments

Rounding out the list of top payment processing applications in Asia is the new tech giant GrabPay. GrabPay is a “super application” that provides cashless payment solutions throughout Southeast Asia. Users can use their Grab account with cash to finance services and transactions.

Users working with GrabPay will earn points for using the application. These points can then be traded in for rides and food as well as to offer payments to merchants working with GrabPay.

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